How to get an interview for your dream job in 30 mins.

I hacked the hiring process with Instagram; here’s how I got the full attention of 4 CEO’S within 30 mins.


I made unique Instagram cover letters for senior roles I was applying for at several large companies. I got (almost) immediate responses from the CEO/Founders, hiring managers, and team members every time, always resulting in an interview.


Way back in the good ol’ days of 2019, I had just finished up my own fashion brand, pivoted into a small brand/marketing agency and whilst starting to grow it I also decided to look at getting back into the workforce as a Creative Director.

The Idea

I knew I was perfect and more than qualified for so many of the roles I was applying for — but I found out that my resume most likely wasn’t even making it through the auto-filters set up to weed out “unqualified” applicants. I didn’t have a college degree in my field, and my work history was light, having only been at a couple of agencies before building my brand.

The Execution

So, that’s exactly what I did.

The Rollout

I uploaded all posts to the new account (in reverse order), with the carousel images, captions and tags, and stories for each until I had the whole thing up and looking good. Yes, this took a while, and yes I had to do it a few times for each account as I messed up a single post or had a spelling error somewhere.

The Response

IT WORKED PERFECTLY, and in just a few minutes I had responses.

  • Going the extra mile, every day
  • Attention to detail to the nth degree
  • Understanding of the digital world and landscape
  • How to use design and design thinking to solve problems
  • Cross-platform executions & completely one-of-a-kind social media campaigns

How you can use this approach:

• Job applications (obviously)
• Investor Outreach / Pitching Individuals
• Influencer/Celebrity/PR outreach
• Podcast Invitees
• Partnership connections

Extra tips, notes, and downloads:

  • Once you make a connection with whomever it is — ask very matter of factly for what it is you need from them.
    Eg — “I’d like you to connect me with the person responsible for hiring this exact role — along with your recommendation of course : )” — I did this immediately and usually got an “I’ve already done this”.
  • Click here to download my Instagram photoshop template.
  • In case you missed the links to see all the accounts: MeUndies
    Frame Clothing, Refinery 29, Huckberry
  • What would I do if I did this today, in 2021? I’d include video — reels of me creating the thing, and even talking on camera about the role. Like a pre-interview, so they can get to know me as well as my skills.
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